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Pipe Break Destroys Ceiling

Pipe Break Clean up

This home suffered from a pipe break in the ceiling causing water and debris to cover the area.  SERVPRO responded immediately to clean the debris and start mitigation.  The air movers and dehumidifiers were put in place to dry quickly and prevent any further water damage.

Ceiling restoration after water damage

Apartment Ceiling Damage

This apartment ceiling suffered from damage after a pipe break. The team at SERVPRO responded and began clean up procedures. The area was restored quickly back to pre water conditions to prevent further damages. 

SERVPRO drying equipment

Flooring Drying Equipment

This was the aftermath of a kitchen flood after a pipe break in the ceiling.  The water had spread throughout the kitchen and foyer destroying the laminate. The laminate had to be ripped out.   The trim was starting to swell.  Drying equipment was put in place to dry the area preventing future damages to the sheetrock and underlayment. 

SERVPRO Air Movers

Air Movers used for Water Loss

SERVPRO has professional drying equipment for any type of water restoration emergency.  The church suffered from water loss after a pipe break.  The team used air movers to dry the halls quickly. Contact us anytime for your restoration needs. 

SERVPRO of East Memphis Water Damage Job

Downtown Memphis, TN Condo has Late Night Water Damage

A Downtown Memphis condo was damage by a water loss caused by a burst toilet valve on an upper floor. The running water damaged two units that were currently under construction. SERVPRO of East Memphis took a late-night call and mounted an after-hours emergency service response. All standing water in affected areas was successfully extracted to prevent secondary damages to the structure. The fact that there was no light available in the building did not delay our performance…. our heroes stepped right up and got the job done!

Business with significant water damage impacts business in Memphis, TN

Business Interruption is Prime Concern for Memphis TN Commercial Water Loss

At SERVPRO of East Memphis, our goal for commercial clients is to get their businesses up and running quickly in the event of a water or fire damage. That is what happened in this Memphis area warehouse. When a water main burst a substantial portion of this building was flooded, halting business-as-usual, and potentially creating further damages to the building if not properly mitigated. SERVPRO of East Memphis responded, extracting over 800 gallons of water to quickly begin the drying process. Business interruption is a primary concern for commercial clients and for us in tailoring services for each client. If you want more information about preventing damages, lessening down time in the event of a loss, and preparing for quick recovery in the event it should happen, contact us for a complimentary SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan for your business.

Flooded Crawlspace calls for SERVPRO to pump out the water.

Flooded Crawlspace in Memphis, TN Home

A broken pipe under a house in Memphis, TN caused water damage, including filling the crawl space with water. The water was pumped out and the pipe repaired. SERVPRO of East Memphis used the heat wagon drying system to dry the wet subfloor and framing from below. This allowed for successful mitigation of the loss and prevented secondary damage inside the home.

SERVPRO Equipment in action

Flooring Drying Equipment

This laminate flooring suffered after a pipe break in the kitchen.  The water spread throughout the home.  SERVPRO used air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the flooring and sheetrock preventing damages. 

Ruptured Pipe Destroys Ceiling

Ruptured pipe Break in Ceiling

This home suffered from a water loss after a ruptured pipe busted in the ceiling. The damage spread throughout the foyer and laminate flooring.  SERVPRO was able to save the laminate and repair the ceiling damage. 

SERVPRO drying equipment

Drying Equipment after Water Loss

This hardwood flooring suffered from a water loss after a leak.  SERVPRO responded immediately to begin clean up procedures.  They used air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the moisture and dry properly before reinstallation of new flooring.

Evidence of water damage in hardwood floor

Hardwood Flooring with Water Damage

This home suffered from a continuous leak in the kitchen from the dishwasher.  The team at SERVPRO has the ability and knowledge to accurately test the moisture level of the concrete before replacing the flooring. 

Drying equipment with drywall cut

Leak in Master bedroom

This home suffered from an ongoing leak in their master bedroom.  The walls were saturated from the water. The drywall was torn out for drying.  They used air scrubbers to keep the dust down in the home.

Chuck repairing equipment

Chuck Tucker

Chuck Tucker has been with SERVPRO for 16 years. He is a great asset to the company and very valuable when it comes to customers. Chuck Tucker, is shown here repairing some of SERVPRO of East Memphis's equipment.

Employees enjoying time together for Christmas

A SERVPRO Christmas

We sure had a great time at our annual SERVPRO Christmas party this year! The night was full of good food, happy team members, and lots of fun pictures in our very own SERVPRO photo booth! 

Standing water in office

Office water loss

Pictured is a water loss in an office building. Do you have water damage in your home or business? No problem for SERVPRO of East Memphis. Our SERVPRO crew can help! Give us a call at (901) 754-9061. 

Drying equipment in office

Demo and repair

After a small water loss occurred in this home, SERVPRO quickly arrived on scene to help! SERVPRO of East Memphis can help with any size water loss you might experience in your home or business. Give us a call, we're always open. 

SERVPRO employee ready for Friday the 13th

The Cure For Friday The 13th

We decided it would be best to be prepared just in case Friday The 13th really does bring bad luck. We used Lucky Charms cereal to ward off the bad luck and passed it out to the entire crew!

SERVPRO trucks at Fire job

Fire In Commercial Facility

This commercial facility suffered moderate damage due to a fire. We went in and did a full demo of the damaged area. After the facility was restored and returned to operation, the owners told us they were amazed at the speed and quality of the work!

SERVPRO truck in front of hotel

Fire Damaged Room

We were called to this hotel after one of it's rooms was damaged by a small fire. The owner was elated when we were able to have the room repaired ahead of the holiday weekend!

Demolition in commercial building

Demolition Before Restoration

Before you can restore a damaged structure, you first have to remove the damaged material. In the picture above, you can see what this fire damaged facility looked like after the demo process, just prior to beginning the restoration.

SERVPRO employee working on fire restoration

Fire Restoration In East Memphis

This home suffered damage due to a fire. In this picture is one of our technicians hard at work restoring this home to it's former glory. The homeowner was very pleased with the job our fire team did to help him get his home back!

SERVPRO trucks getting ready to go out to a job

We're Always Ready When Fire Strikes

If you have a fire in your home, the last thing you want is a delay in getting your home repaired. That is why we are always equipped and ready to handle your fire loss!

SERVPRO Fire Restoration

We Are Experts In Fire Damage

Our technicians are well trained in soot removal and restoration of structures that have suffered a loss due to fire. If you experience a fire and don't know where to turn when the damage is done, we have one word... SERVPRO!

Water damage to floors

Wet Carpet Under Laminate

When we came out to repair the water damage in this home, we discovered that this laminate floor was installed over carpet. The carpet underneath was very wet. We pulled out the laminate and carpet, dried up the moisture and put down new laminate for the customer.

Water damage in ceiling

Leaking Pipe In Ceiling

The homeowner called us because of moisture damage to his wall and ceiling. When we got there, we discovered that this pipe was the cause of the water loss the customer was experiencing. We repaired the pipe and replaced all the damaged material.

Readings from moisture meter

Checking For Moisture

Just because it looks dry doesn't mean that there isn't still a moisture problem somewhere underneath. We use this device to ensure that we find and remove all the moisture, not just some of it.

Drying equipment in bathroom

Leaking Supply Line

This homeowner came home to a flooded bathroom caused by a leaking toilet supply line. The water soaked through the baseboards and damaged some of the drywall. We fixed it all and left the homeowner a very happy person!

Damage from collapsed ceiling

Leaky Roof Causes Ceiling Collapse

A leaking roof left the insulation in the attic soaking wet. The extra weight caused the ceiling to come crashing down. The owner was shocked at the damage a leaky roof could cause, but extremely happy that we were able to repair all the damage in a much shorter time that she expected.

Water damaged flooring

Broken Pipe Floods Home

This damage was the result of a broken pipe that left the carpets completely soaked. We pulled the old carpet out and dried up the moisture then replaced the carpet. The homeowner was thrilled with the result!

Drying equipment in living room

Home Damaged by Flood Waters

This home was damaged by flooding from severe storms while the owner was away. The owner told us he came home to a nightmare. He also told us that we were the reason the nightmare went away and that he very happy with the way we treated him.

SERVPRO drying equipment

Facility Suffers Flooding From Storm

A storm drove water into this facility filling this office space with water. The carpet was still soaked when we arrived and many parts of the facility had damage in the walls. We were able to repair everything and get them back into their office so quickly that the owner said she couldn't believe it!

SERVPRO drying equipment in office

Drying Office After A Storm

In this picture, we are in the process of drying up excess moisture from water entering the facility due to flooding. The owner said that he appreciated how quickly we responded and the professionalism of our crew. 

Water damage in lobby

Lobby Damaged By Flood Waters

Flood waters entered this facility through the front door and damaged the floors and walls in some areas. The owner needed to get back up and running quickly, so he called us and we delivered!

Water damage due to flooding from storm

Home Damaged By Flooding From Storm

This home was damaged by flood waters when severe storms came through our area. After drying up the moisture and repairing the damage the owner told us that it looked better than it did before! 

House damaged by flood water

Flooding from Storm

Flood waters entered this home through the front door, flooding this living room and damaging the carpet and walls. The owner was devastated. However, the owner told us that we made the process incredibly easy and was very thankful to have his home back very quickly!

Evidence of mold in ceiling

Mold in Ceiling

A leak under the bathroom sink above this room caused the floor to be constantly wet. The moist environment caused mold to start growing. The homeowner told us she was thankful that we addressed all her concerns and put her mind at ease.

Evidence of mold on desk

Mold in Bedroom

This spare bedroom was rarely used, so the homeowner was very surprised to find mold here. A leaking air conditioner caused a mold situation on and around this dresser. She was expecting guests and was very pleased that we were able to have this room ready in time for them!

Heavy water damage evidence on ceiling

Leak Causes Mold

A moisture problem caused by a leaking pipe resulted in the mold you see pictured above. The homeowner was concerned that it would take a lot more time than it actually did to fix the problem. She was ecstatic!

Evidence of mold in ceiling

Mold Covered Ceiling

This mold problem pictured above was the result of moisture in the attic due to a leaking roof. There were several issues to address in this situation but the homeowner was very thankful that we took care of all of it in less time than expected. 

Evidence of mold in basement

Mold in the Basement

Moisture caused by a leak under the tub above caused the mold you see pictured on the floor joists. The homeowner was shocked when he went into the basement to find his floor joists looking like this.

Evidence of mold in a closet

Mold In The Closet

A musty smell lead this homeowner to the closet, where he found mold when he peeled back the corner of the carpet. He immediately called us and we pulled all the carpet out and removed all the mold.

Water damage in East Memphis

Water Damage in East Memphis

Severe flooding impacted this building when storms came through the area. As you can see from this image the damage was extensive. We removed all the affected material and dried all the moisture before replacing all the flooring, insulation, and drywall.

Water damage from toilet supply line

Toilet Supply Line Floods The Office

A broken toilet supply line was the cause of the damage this office space suffered. It happened while the office was empty, so the staff came back to work to a very wet work place.

Water damage in office

Office Damaged By Water

Pictured here is an office that suffered water damage when a severe storm pushed flood waters into the facility. We moved as fast as we could to dry the office and repair all the damage caused by the water.

Damage from sewer backup

Sewage Backup

The bathroom down the hall, not pictured here, had a heavy sewage backup that caused a real mess. Our team came in and worked quickly to clean up the mess and repair the damage that it caused.

Water damage from broken pipe

Broken Pipe In Office

A pipe break caused this office to flood and damaged the carpet and walls. We removed the carpet and affected drywall. Then we brought in heaters and fans to dry up the excess moisture before restoring the facility.

Water damage at commercial facility

Water Damaged Commercial Facility

This commercial facility was damaged when a pipe broke upstairs and leaked into the ceiling. The ceiling then fell and water poured into the downstairs area. We repaired the break and cleaned up the water before restoring the facility.


SERVPRO of East Memphis Water Crew

SERVPRO of East Memphis Water Crew Team poses for an early morning photo shoot. Then they will hit the roads of the Memphis area help our residential and commercial customers with their restoration needs.